COVID-19 and Travelaction


We can only say that since March the world has been on a very crazy roller coaster, one that continues to this day.

As we all make our way through this new normal we wanted to create a page where you can source relevant and accurate information about what is happening in our town, our state, our country and the world.

In addition to this we wanted to provide you links to our suppliers and how they are preparing for when you can travel again.

For Travelaction, the impact has been huge but we continue to work from the office each day on reduced hours and reduced staff. We do this for our clients, we are continually following up with suppliers chasing refunds, checking the ever changing rules surrounding the credits which have been provided so that we can provide the most accurate and up to date information available to us.

Refunds are taking a substantial amount of time as most suppliers themselves have either closed offices, reduced hours and reduced staff.  Calls which pre co-vid would have taken 15 minutes may now take 2 hours or more (no joke) of waiting on hold.


The government travel advice site, provides Australians with the latest information and advice to stay safe overseas.  This site is continually updated with the latest information for both during CoVid-19 and for planning travel when it is safe to do so.

Department of Health

The Australian Government Department of Health website will provide you with information regarding travelling interstate, within Australia.  With the introduction of border restrictions each state or territory has in place restrictions relating to entry and transit.  From this site you are able to access links to each States information.

For Victorians

If you are searching for any information regarding CoVid-19 restrictions for Victorians, resources and infor,ation is available at the Department of Human Services CoVid-19 web page.  If you suspect that you may have Coronavirus please call the dedicated hotline 1800 675 398.  Please keep 000 for emergencies only

Links to Tour and Travel Operators Information

**Please ensure that you check the information is still valid at the time you make a reservation as some information policies are temporary and can be removed or changed without notice.  These are just a few of the great suppliers that we work with and who have also been working very hard to provide the best outcomes for our clients.

The majority of these suppliers have now released dates into 2021 and beyond.  Please be patient and flexible when you are looking to make future reservations.  Most people who had booked travel for 2020 are now travelling in 2021 and beyond.  In line with new CoVid-19 related policies group sizes may be reduced which means that there will be limited availability.  In addition to this airlines have reduced their scheduled flights so getting to and from your tours will not be as easy as it was in 2019.











Travel Insurance

A lot of people have queried how travel insurance providers have dealt with claims regarding CoVid-19, all policies have general exclusion clauses, along with pre-existing condition clauses.  In most instances pandemics and epidemics have been noted within the general exclusions.

Travel Insurance should still remain a high priority for all travellers.  

Both NIB and Covermore have released polciies which include some cover for CoVid19, if you are interested in taking out a policy you should carefully check the PDS.

As agents we are only permitted to provide you with general information, so if you have a query regarding cover which relates specifically to yourself or your planned travel then you should check directly with the insurer.  We can provide you with a quote number so that when you call your details will be available.  

Many tour companies, and some countries, will not allow travel or entry without the traveller having a comprehensive travel insurance policy in place for the duration fo their stay/travel.

While policies may have limited cover for coronavirus the remainder of the policy inclusions are still available. 

Please ensure that you take the time to read the PDS for your chosen product and ask questions regarding anything which you are unsure, this is especially important when looking at any pre-existing conditions and the general exclusions. 

We are often asked about travel insurance when you are cruising in domestic waters.  It is very important that you take out travel insurance for your cruise, even a domestic cruise as you will not be covered under the Medicare system.

Links to the PDS for Travel Insurance can be found under our "extras" TAB